Senior Pastor Tito Ortega's testimony began before he was born. Meet our pastor, and see how he got involved with Victory Christian Center. 


Pastor Tito's testimony begins before he was born. Tito's mother had experienced the loss of a child and cried out to the Lord in a prayer much like the prayer of Hannah. "Lord if you give me a son I'll give him back to you". So on September 24, 1965, God answered her prayer and Tito Ortega was born. Tito was raised in the church and had a strong love for God even at an early age. God had given him the talent for music. So he was very active in the church all of his young life.

       Pastor Tito tells the story of receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit at age 7, in a bedroom of his house at a prayer meeting.  His time in Junior High School and part of his High School years he ran from God and the callingGod had on his life. Finally, in 1984 Tito surrendered his life fully to the LordJesusChrist. He was eighteen years old and a senior in high school.

     In that summer at an old fashion Revival under a Gospel Tent, God restored and filled Tito with the Holy Spirit.  He dedicated his life to prayer and to study the Word from 1984-1988. During that time several Evangelists and Prophets called Tito out and prophesied over his life and coming ministry.

     Pastor Abel Ortega, his father, became his mentor and began to train and groom him for ministry. Tito was faithful in the little things that were given him to do. He would clean the church, mow the church lawn, and set up the platform for church services. He was given the responsibility to teach the children. From there he began to Pastor the youth. On January 2, 1988, e was Ordained into the ministry. He was made Associate Pastor. Tito has always been a part of the praise team of the church.

   God began to open doors evangelistically in Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, South Dakota, and Nevada. In 1994 Tito became pastor of the church. In June 1997 he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts in Theological Studies from Vision International University. In the year 2001 

Pastor Tito along with his brother Abel Ortega Jr. recorded their first music CD.  Tito operates in the five-fold ministry gifts with a heavy anointing on his life. His unique way of ministry draws people close to the Lord and they are edified, encouraged, restored and blessed.